Raw Honeycomb FAQ


What is honeycomb and how is it made?

Honeycomb is the hexagonal structure bees build with beeswax to store honey. Our honeycomb goes straight from our hives to your table - without any additives or alterations. Each hexagon is filled with delicious Drizzle honey and our honeycomb comes from completely organic fields.

How long does honeycomb last?

Honeycomb will last for years, although it can start to crystallize over time. Some Drizzle Lovers enjoy the gooeyness that occurs when honeycomb crystallizes, but if that's not for you, throw it in the freezer to prevent crystallization.

What does it taste like?

The light wax combs are 100% edible and filled to bursting with fresh, delicious honey that you can eat with a spoon. The wax combs are typically chewy and will ball up in your mouth similar to gum, some people spit out the comb but most will swallow it whole as it is completely safe to eat.

Does Drizzle sell honeycomb year-round?

Yes, we do! We know you need to indulge in the purest form of our honey year round, so you can get it throughout the year.

How do I eat honeycomb?

Honeycomb can be eaten straight out of our round containers or can be cut out in chunks with a knife. We love eating honeycomb directly with a spoon, as a topping for cakes, cookies or plain yogurt, on a charcuterie board with meat and cheese or whipped into cream for honeycomb-chunk whipped cream! We have a "How to Eat Honeycomb" blog post with many more ideas if you need some inspiration.

How come my honeycomb looks different than the last one I purchased?

At Drizzle we celebrate natural differences in honey products! Our honeycomb is taken directly from frames within the hive, so it is the rarest and healthiest form of Drizzle. Because of this, it is untouched and has beautiful, natural variations in the shape, honeycomb fill and colour. These changes are due to our honey bees bringing in nectar from different floral sources (changes honey and wax colour) and different levels of nectar (changes the shape and honeycomb fill). 

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