Bulletin 2: Arlene Dickenson Investment

After four years of hard work and dedication, this investment marks a huge milestone in Drizzle’s story.
Aja wrote a note to our customers explaining Drizzle's journey up until this point. Read it here to familiarize yourself with the brand and what makes Drizzle, Drizzle.
Why should you care that Drizzle received an investment? Because it’ll help you sell more product! This investment means that Drizzle is able to better serve our retailers in ways that we just weren’t able to before and just like the businesses who go on Dragons Den the investment helps to position us as a leader in the honey industry.
Here are some of the top reasons why Arlene invested and why retailers should care:
  • Drizzle honey is health-focused and showcases the benefits of superfoods. Each ingredient is intentionally selected for their health-conscious properties and functionality. For example, let’s look at the Cacao Luxe Raw Honey, it contains Organic Raw Cacao which provides energy, Organic Lucuma for antioxidants, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon to boost cognitive function and Madagascar Vanilla that reduces inflammation. You can read more about each superfood flavour and they’re powerful ingredients here. 
  • Drizzle’s brand differentiators are: Completely raw, bee-friendly and 100% Canadian.
    • Completely raw (unheated, unfiltered, no additives) maintaining all enzymes, minerals and nutrients that raw honey is rich with. 
    • Bee-friendly initiatives including sustainable sourcing, donations to The Pollinator Partnership and healthy hive locations (away from pesticides and selected for wide nutrient variety). 
    • 100% Canadian with local, sustainable beekeeping partners which are aimed at making a shift in the entire Canadian honey industry (we do not mix our honey with fake or adulterated imported honey as we are highly selective with which beekeepers we source honey from)
  • Drizzle has a strong online following with committed and loyal customers that look forward to each new initiative Drizzle partakes in.
  • Aja has a great story! Her environmental scientist turned sustainable beekeeper start-up story is a great point of differentiation. Drizzle is proudly an all-female operated business and is making huge waves across Canada.
  • Drizzle is designed to bring sales growth and innovation to the ‘old school’ honey product category. We offer creative and meaningful marketing support, in-store active and passive demos, staff training/samples, shelf-talkers, point-of-purchase materials, annual promotions, national broker support, etc.


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