Bulletin #4: Shelf Talkers

A great way for retailers to sell more Drizzle products is for them to use our shelf-talkers. We have two available designs that help to grab the attention of their customers and increase product turn-over. Anytime you are pitching to a retailer, dropping off an order or checking in on the store display you should be promoting the use of the shelf-talkers.

Here is how they should look:

Quick Drizzle Selling Points:

  • Shelf-talkers help to sell more products as it grabs the attention of the consumer and immediately instills trust in the brand.
  • Drizzle was created as an innovation for the honey category. 
  • Drizzle blends into their premium honey nutrient-dense Superfoods, creating a delicious, creamy and healthy alternative to conventional honey.  
  • Drizzle provides a honey line alternative for health-conscious consumers, in both the natural/specialty and mass grocery consumers alike.  
  • Drizzle (honey) is an ethically and sustainably produced product.  
  • Drizzle is designed to bring sales growth to the honey product category.

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